State of the Art Security

24 / 7 : State of the Art Security Systems

The entire perimeter of the self storage facility is protected by an automated security gate and a electric power fence which as well as being monitored via a redcare system it is also charged with 8000 volts to deter any intruder.

The secure parking/unloading areas are cctv monitored and alarmed by a series of PIR detectors.

The interior of the facility has recorded cctv, PIR and beam detectors in each alleyway which along with the smoke/fire sensors are redcare monitored.

Every customer is encouraged to fit their own padlock (which can be bought at reception) to ensure that only they have access to their own unit.

State of the Art Security

  • Automated Security Gate
  • 8000 volt Electric Power Fence
  • Redcare Alarm system
  • Recorded CCTV
  • PIR Motion Sensors