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Please don’t get put off by having to calculate the size of the unit that you need!

If you get it wrong and you need either a bigger or smaller unit, you can always change units when you visit us.

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House Size

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25ft2 Student accomodation Small transit van


35ft2 Small furniture/boxes small transit van


40ft2 Small furniture/boxes small transit van


50ft2 1 Bed flat Transit van


60ft2 1 Bed flat Long wheelbase transit van


75ft2 1 Bed house Transit luton van


100ft2 2/3 Bed house 7.5 Tonne 20ft box van


120ft2 3 Bed house (normal) 7.5 Tonne removal van


135ft2 3 Bed house (large)


150ft2 4 Bed house (normal) Professional removers van


175ft2 4 Bed house (large) Professional removers van


200ft2 Mini commercial


Outside Container
Outside Container
160ft2 container building materials/car storage


Please note: all prices are inclusive of VAT with nothing else to pay.



If you are not sure what size unit you are looking for, tell us what you have to store and let us advise you.